Planning Your Event

For many student organizations, event and programming planning may be a major part of your work during the semester. Please use this page as a resource to help schedule and build a successful event through our office. 

Student Tabling

Tabling is a great way for you to engage with the campus community and bring awareness about your student organization and/or events.

Solicitation is defined as any organization's attempt to gain funds, support membership, contributions, etc. from the university community. If any organization is requesting a table in the University Union or immediately adjacent to the University Union, a solicitation permit must be completed and approved by the appropriate university individuals.

All food items must be pre-approved by Risk Management. Texas Food Establishment Rules do not allow serving food from unapproved sources (private kitchens); therefore, all food must be pre-packaged items purchased from a grocery store, etc. or catered from UNT Dining Services or a restaurant. If food is catered from a restaurant, a copy of their current health permit must be on file with Risk Management. Please contact Risk Management Food Safety immediately regarding any food you might offer at your event at and attach an image of the restaurant's current Health Permit.

You must have a completed and have an approved solicitation permit application in order to table which can be found using the link below. Application requests must be turned into an Event Specialist 5 business days in advance.

Solicitation Permit Application

Event Application

In order to begin the process of booking a space you must have complete and submit an event application. The application is needed whenever a registered student organization desires to host any event (e.g., program, activity, or meeting) on campus. Organizations desiring to have only a table outside should also submit an Application for Solicitation to Event Planning and Scheduling Services.

For some events, the deadline for submission is at least 15 business days prior to the requested event. If the event is seen as potentially risky, which is determined at the discretion of the reserving department, not the organization, the organization will need to submit this application by the 15 business day deadline. While this is not an exhaustive list, generally speaking, if it is outdoors, if there is food or beverage, if there is any type of physical activity, if you are inviting off-campus guests or minors (unless they are UNT students), if expected attendance is over 100, if the organization is selling tickets or other items, and/or handling hazardous materials, the organization should submit this application at least 15 business days prior to the requested event.

If in doubt about whether there is a deadline for your event, it should be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event. You may also contact the Event Safety Committee for guidance on the deadline. Otherwise, student organizations are strongly encouraged to submit their application at least 5 business days prior to the requested event to ensure that: (1) they receive a space they desire, and (2) the reserving department has ample time to book the space. Most departments exist to do more than book space on campus, meaning that doing so is only one part of their mission. As such, please do not submit an application the day of or the day before a requested event and expect that the space is available and/or that the department has time to make the reservation.

For more information regarding the event application process click the button below. 

Student Activities Event Application


While not an exhaustive list, these are the most common UNT policies related to events. If an organization wishes to conduct certain activities (e.g., sell items or bring food) related to the event, the organization may be required to complete additional forms.

Failure to follow any UNT policy may be referred to the Dean of Students for possible conduct sanctioning. As such, representatives should review and understand their responsibilities. All may be found at